Top 5 tips for a healthy Christmas

1.     Embrace the moments – disconnect to connect. Christmas embodies the spirit of cherishing quality time with loved ones. In our fast-paced world, being truly present can be challenging, but the holiday season provides an excellent opportunity to cultivate this mindfulness. Instead of succumbing to the lure of endless movies, mindless TV, or social media scrolling, consider disconnecting from screens to reconnect with the significant people in your life.

2.     Prioritize hydration. Whether indulging in mulled wines, festive cocktails, excessive tea or coffee, or binge drinking, the holiday season can lead to chronic dehydration. Establish a successful routine by kickstarting your day with a glass of water before anything else. While enjoying alcoholic beverages, set reminders to alternate between water and wine, ensuring adequate hydration before bedtime.

3.     Embrace being over doing. Amidst life's pressures, spending just 10 minutes daily pampering yourself or relishing solitude can be transformative. While connecting with others is beneficial, taking time to simply be, free from the demands of doing, is crucial. Avoid the pitfalls of holiday stress by allocating a brief daily period for self-care, providing your adrenal glands with a much-needed respite from producing stress-related cortisol.

4.     Grant your digestive system a holiday. Prevent overworking your digestive system during the festive season, particularly if your diet includes processed foods, alcohol, or excessive sugar. These culprits are known for causing cell damage. To allow your digestive system to regenerate cells and repair damage, embrace a 12-hour fasting period. This break minimizes damage while maximizing the system's repair and processing capabilities after indulgent nights.

5.     Prioritize upgrades. Acknowledge the central role of food and drink during Christmas while maintaining your wellbeing with the 80/20 principle. Achieving a healthy and balanced diet doesn't demand a 100% commitment to healthy choices; 80% suffices. This approach encourages moderation and occasional indulgence. While relishing every moment on Christmas day, consider upgrading your choices throughout the festive period to align with your overall wellbeing.