3 poem for Christmas


In winter's hush, a tale unfolds,
Of silver snow and stories old. 
The tree adorned with lights so bright, 
A canvas for the starry night.

Carols whisper in the frosty air, 
A melody of love to share. 
Gifts wrapped in ribbons, oh so tight, 
A tapestry of pure delight.

Families gather, hearts ablaze, 
In the warmth of love's embrace. 
With laughter, joy, and spirits light, 
Merry Christmas, oh, wondrous night!


Beneath the mistletoe's soft glow, 
In a world adorned with glistening snow. 
Children dream with eyes so wide, 
Of reindeer sleighs on a magical ride.

Stockings hung with utmost care, 
Hopes and dreams suspended there. 
Candles flicker, casting a gentle light, 
On this peaceful, enchanted night.

Santa's sleigh and jingle bells, 
Echo through the silent dells. 
Christmas whispers, soft and clear, 
A celebration of love and cheer.


Through the frosted window pane, 
A world transformed, a white terrain. 
Crisp and cold, the air so clear, 
Christmas magic drawing near.

A fireplace with crackling flames, 
Dancing shadows, ancient games. 
Tales of joy in every rhyme, 
Echo through the corridors of time.

Snowflakes falling, pure and light, 
Blanketing the earth in white. 
In this season of love so grand, 
Merry Christmas across the land!